Zanithia is a breathtaking, magic land on the planet of Manu that is covered in a blanket of sparkling, velvet snow. It is a land where plants and animals vibrate to special, musical frequencies that keep all life in harmony and balance, where love is extended to all, and no life form is regarded as any more superior than another. In this stunning land, music is not only a way of life, but the source of healing all forms of illness and imbalances that prevent evil and destruction from conquering the great planet of Manu.

CAPTURE THE MAGIC and join the characters of Zanithia on their incredible journeys.

Strenia Abbetira Kali Betty
Artwork by
Gretchen Raisch-Baskin
Imani Cinta Danu  

THE QUEEN OF SYNCHRONICITY - In order to save a unique, magical planet from the takeover of a corrupt pharmaceutical company, a young boy must overcome his malicious, evil counterpart with "The Gift of Abjurer": the magic, healing, power of music.


THE ABJURER - A reluctant, cowardly wizard is called upon to save Planet Earth from spiritual and technological destruction, but he must first overcome his inadequacies as a wizard by helping a young girl discover her magical gifts.


RETURN TO ZANITHIA - A young women is appointed as the High Goddess of a magical land, but when she is banished from her land by invaders from a distant planet, she must uncover her fear of having incredible powers by using them to save her people.